Thursday, 27 August 2009

It's bubblin'....

I'm back..!! Sorry for being away peeps, it's been a quite but proactive month for me. I've been working hard to promote the wedding arm of my photography business and also networking with various peeps to establish a circle of reliable and regular clients around me. It's not been as easy as one would think, but a they saying goes, gotta pick myself up, dust myself off and go again..!

The other day I was approached by a lovely woman called Jo and asked to photograph her and her son Alex together in the studio. They were both really reluctant at first, (I don't know but peeps are happy to have their photo taken but when I pull a camera out, they get shy?! Lol)..but then soon relaxed and got into it and we were away..! Alex decided to bring a football with him and if I hadn't have been on guard, my studio would be no longer..!Lol.. Luckily everything went ok and nothing was smashed although it would've been quite funky to take pics of him kicking a ball and smashing glass - Then again health and safety wouldn't have found it so funky..!! Lol..