Monday, 30 November 2009

What a busy month it's been..!

What a month..!

Where shall I start.. Wedding, (A prospective contract with a record label to photography all of their artists!) and asked to photograph 15 nights of event photography in the run up to Christmas..! Oh and also looking into Trash the Dress service..!!
Right then, Martin and Traceys wedding..! I recieved a call from Martin one tuesday evening in the first week of September and he said he'd seen my work, liked it and would like to know if I was available to photograph their wedding for them. I thought "fab, of course I'll love to!". I asked him when it was and he said "September 18th". I thought that's weird I'm going to Spain this September 18th so it must be next September and that's great because it gives me a year's notice..! He said, "no, this September". Martin must have been more prepared for my reaction than I was. :-)
After speaking further with Martin, I really felt touched by their story and quickly re-arranged my holiday to the following day so that I could capture their special day - it was my pleasure!

Record Label - Unfortunately I'm going to have to remain tight lipped about this as I don't want to blow my chances but you will be kept updated with the outcome..!! Fingers crossed..!!
I was asked to photography 15 nights of event photography in the run up to Christmas and New Year but I chose to turn this down. ;-( As much as the money (especially at this time of year and with the current climate) would have been great and it wouldve been great to see people having a jolly ol' time, I feel that spending time with my family and friends is something that won't come round again til this time next year, y'know when all the family come down from afar, sit round the table having a good time, hearing stories and suppin' away on some of mama's eggnog, I just felt that with all the badness happening in the world, I just think that we should take the opportunites we have to spend quality time together.. So there. :)
Trash the Dress - Having been away from the internet for a while I've recently started to read more and more about trash the dress concepts and how selective couples are really hooked on them..! You crazy people..! Lol.. Digging a lil' deeper I think I really like it too..!! So to all the wedding couples out there who are reading this and thinking of trashing their really expensive wedding dress and would like me to capture it on camera - It'd be a pleasure..!! Email me now..!!