Thursday, 3 December 2009

What a result..!!

Weddings..!! I've got some great responses and feedback from couples regarding my style of wedding photography and with this in mind, I'm really trying hard to break into the weddings for the coming season and have done a fair few this year but really want to take the market by storm in the coming years..I feel like I've got the X Factor..! ;-) From looking at photographers websites, I just feel that majority of the current crop of photographers out there are really doing the same basic traditional photography that they've done for the past 20 years, forcing smiles and having a rigid and formal procedure to the days' events and in turn not giving couples the opportunity to have something that's alot more current and versatile..!

Well fear not.. I've now booked 5 weddings for next year up and down the country with a possible 2 more depending on dates so keep your peepers peeled for new galleries and samples of some beautiful wedding photography..!!

On that note, if your getting married or know anyone getting married, what are you waiting for, tell them to get in touch..!! He he..

Over and out..!!

Monday, 30 November 2009

What a busy month it's been..!

What a month..!

Where shall I start.. Wedding, (A prospective contract with a record label to photography all of their artists!) and asked to photograph 15 nights of event photography in the run up to Christmas..! Oh and also looking into Trash the Dress service..!!
Right then, Martin and Traceys wedding..! I recieved a call from Martin one tuesday evening in the first week of September and he said he'd seen my work, liked it and would like to know if I was available to photograph their wedding for them. I thought "fab, of course I'll love to!". I asked him when it was and he said "September 18th". I thought that's weird I'm going to Spain this September 18th so it must be next September and that's great because it gives me a year's notice..! He said, "no, this September". Martin must have been more prepared for my reaction than I was. :-)
After speaking further with Martin, I really felt touched by their story and quickly re-arranged my holiday to the following day so that I could capture their special day - it was my pleasure!

Record Label - Unfortunately I'm going to have to remain tight lipped about this as I don't want to blow my chances but you will be kept updated with the outcome..!! Fingers crossed..!!
I was asked to photography 15 nights of event photography in the run up to Christmas and New Year but I chose to turn this down. ;-( As much as the money (especially at this time of year and with the current climate) would have been great and it wouldve been great to see people having a jolly ol' time, I feel that spending time with my family and friends is something that won't come round again til this time next year, y'know when all the family come down from afar, sit round the table having a good time, hearing stories and suppin' away on some of mama's eggnog, I just felt that with all the badness happening in the world, I just think that we should take the opportunites we have to spend quality time together.. So there. :)
Trash the Dress - Having been away from the internet for a while I've recently started to read more and more about trash the dress concepts and how selective couples are really hooked on them..! You crazy people..! Lol.. Digging a lil' deeper I think I really like it too..!! So to all the wedding couples out there who are reading this and thinking of trashing their really expensive wedding dress and would like me to capture it on camera - It'd be a pleasure..!! Email me now..!!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Shottle Hall Wedding..

Some friend's of mine (Marcin & Claire) were getting married at Shottle Hall and asked me if I'd be happy to take some photo's for them of their special day. I immediately jumped at the opportunity, not only because there were friends of mine but because I knew they were so in love, it would look beautiful if I could capture this on camera..! The location they chose was the very glam and picturesque Shottle Hall in Ashbourne, set in the gentle rolling landscape on the edge of the Peak District National Park and forming part of the famous and exquisite Chatsworth House Estate. Shottle Hall is a quintessentially English country house offering a stylish blend of traditional elegance in a contemporary setting. The day went swimmingly well from start to finish and photographing it was a complete pleasure. It all ended with the groom whisking the gorgeous elegant bride away in a VW ol' skool camper van for a honeymoon on the road to bonny scotland..! :)

Improvisation is key...

I recieved an email through my site from a lady asking if I'd be able to photograph her extended family, mum and dad and grandkids - 15 people in total . I thought 'yeah that should be no problem'.. Little did I know how 15 people look all in one room..! Lol.. When they all arrived, I had to count them twice over as it seemed like there were more like 30 people, not 15..!

Luckily for me, they were the loveliest family you could meet from the co-operative mum and dad to the very well behaved kids who were a joy to work..! With a little improvisation I got some really good photo's of the whole family on one photo..! Improvisation is key in situations, not only like this but in all of the jobs I do.. It's what makes my job so enjoyable..!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

It's bubblin'....

I'm back..!! Sorry for being away peeps, it's been a quite but proactive month for me. I've been working hard to promote the wedding arm of my photography business and also networking with various peeps to establish a circle of reliable and regular clients around me. It's not been as easy as one would think, but a they saying goes, gotta pick myself up, dust myself off and go again..!

The other day I was approached by a lovely woman called Jo and asked to photograph her and her son Alex together in the studio. They were both really reluctant at first, (I don't know but peeps are happy to have their photo taken but when I pull a camera out, they get shy?! Lol)..but then soon relaxed and got into it and we were away..! Alex decided to bring a football with him and if I hadn't have been on guard, my studio would be no longer..!Lol.. Luckily everything went ok and nothing was smashed although it would've been quite funky to take pics of him kicking a ball and smashing glass - Then again health and safety wouldn't have found it so funky..!! Lol..

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Up and coming artist.. Watch out for this one..!

Now normally I'd give you (and you'd be well within your right to expect an insight) into this new artist who I did a recent photoshoot with. Unfortunately I can't reveal anything about her as it's top secret due to contractual reasons so you'll have to be content with seeing some pics I took of her..! :) Enjoy..

Update Part 3..Images..

Updates Part 2..Images..


Wow..!How busy has it been this last month..!

Sorry for being away for so long, as you know I did the charity fashion shoot towards the middle of June, well since then I've been doing photoshoots for an up and coming musician from Derby (watch out for her!), weddings, baby portraits and also finally got round to editing them all too..! Phew..! And it doesn't stop there..! I am now taking bookings for wedding's next year too.. I already have one booked in Jan (indian)and another in May (english) so if your reading this, (and your getting married!), what are you waiting for, get in touch with me now..! I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the last month's shooting, it was a complete pleasure to be a part of so many different types of photography and honestly, with my hand on my heart, I can't choose between them..! The charity fashion shoot was really testing as the venue wasn't the best and the lighting wasn't great either but I had to work with it on the day.. It was loads of fun though as there was the catwalk.. dancers.. singers..bboy's.. a raffle and loads of really nice people there..! I've attached a few photo's for you to see what I've been doing for the past month so feel free to make comments if you like (and don't like..grrr!) and keep you peepers peeled for the next update of my photographic adventures..!! Over and out..

Friday, 12 June 2009

Charity Fashion Show

Me again..!

The Charity Fashion Show was wicked..! It was abit slow starting with everyone coming in and setting up their stalls but once it got going and the drinks got flowing everyone had a really great time..! There were the lastest fashions by Elephtheria, Keeley Williams and Alex Wallace, stalls by Victoria Jackson Cosmetics, Nitelite footwear and many more. The show also included 2 perfomances by Coco Brown and Angel Smith - Derby's definitely got talent..! Overall from speaking to Charlotte who organised the event, the show was a massive success and although I don't know the end figure yet but I do know that alot of money was raised for children with leukemia so all in all it was a really good event for a great cause..! I'm off to London for the weekend for a footy tournament but I'll be back on sunday so keep ya eyes peeled for the exclusive photo's..!! Peace..

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Update for amateur and professional photographers

DEKE Online - If your after some serious Photoshop Training take a look at the DekePod Blog

Charity Fashion Show

Hey world,

I'm really looking forward to the Charity Fashion Show tonight to raise money for Children with Leukemia! I'm the official photographer for the show so if you keep your mince pies peeled you should be able to see exclusive photo's of the show on my blog over the next week.. In the mean time, feel free to pop down to Coyote Wild in Derby and show some support!

That's all for now..

Over and out..!!